Mrs Jayanthi Ramanan
(Project Director)

Jayanthi Ramanan joined Sewa International’s Cleveland Chapter in 2010 as a volunteer. She has tutored African American and Hispanic adults and children, and worked in a variety of community programs: Alcohol and Drug Prevention programs, Teen Centers, Planned Parenthood, Detention Centers and much more, with education being the key focus of her service.

Jayanthi Ramanan came to Bengaluru in 2013 to look for a suitable project to get involved through Sewa international. From January to May she visited shanty towns and slums as well as government-run schools in and around the city within a 100 km vicinity. She observed that the lack of toilets was acute and felt the need of functional toilets to initiate and encourage girl children to attend school.

Through generous donations from individuals and communities to Sewa International, Jayanthi has built over 400 toilets in five states across India, and has put thousands of girl children in school.

Mr Ram Ramanan
(Administrative Director)

An engineer by profession, a true giver through education and tutoring, Ram Ramanan started as a metallurgical engineer in Canada, and later became Technical Director for a large company in the US.

In 2013 Ram took voluntary retirement to support Jayanthi in her pursuit of service in India. Ram and Jayanthi say: "In our life time we would like to put as many girls as we can on the path to better education through our toilet and hygiene project”.. Ram also serves on the board of various organizations. He shares his corporate wisdom with the team and mentors them.

Mrs Rajini Hodigere
(Program Manager)

Rajini Hodigere, is a seasoned leader with over two decades of experience in the corporate world where she has handled large engagements for global blue chip clients. She has worked primarily at Infosys working in India and the US.

After a brief entrepreneurial stint, Rajini has joined Sewa International to bring her managerial prowess to bear in helping run efficient operations and improve the impact of the Toilet for Girl Children Program. A resident of Bengaluru, she has a deep passion and commitment to serve under privileged communities.

Mr Jayanth Bhat
(Field Coordinator)

Jayanth Bhat joined the Sewa international team in 2014 at the tender age of 18. He has been a field coordinator for the toilet and hygiene project since he joined Sewa. His passion and drive make him the ideal scout, promoter and coordinator of this project.

He scouts the places, meets with local authorities, members of slum boards, and school principals to evaluate the needs of communities. Jayanth engages volunteers to inspect the toilets, check attendance of girls on any given day, and talk to the community health care departments to get the necessary information on disease control and impact summaries.

Mrs Radhika Sheshadri
(Community Coordinator)

Radhika Sheshadri has 15 years of experience in shipping and logistics. She has worked for large, multinational shipping and mailing companies.

As a Community Coordinator, she scouts and identifies the poorest communities, and initiates after-school programs and community healthcare services in coordination and partnership with local volunteers, hospitals, and health clinics.

Mrs Monika Singh
(Field Coordinator)

Monika Singh has six years of media experience. She has worked with renowned newspapers as a field reporter and feature writer. She is a freelance journalist, currently working in Delhi.

She scouts the places, meets with local authorities, slum board members and school principals to evaluate the needs of the community. She has been instrumental in the major progress Sewa International has made in the State of Uttar Pradesh.

Miss Shruthi Shivanand
(Marketing Consultant)

Shruthi Shivanand has worked as a senior marketing executive and business development manager for a large information technology company as well as with a couple of startup companies.

She has been with Sewa for two years, working in multiple roles in accordance with the needs of the project. Currently, she is working on creating marketing collateral, blogs, reports, social media posts, and proposals for various projects of Sewa International.

Meet our Volunteers

Miss Shefali Prakash
(National youth leader for menstrual hygiene project)

(National Youth Lead for Menstrual Hygiene Project) Shefali Prakash has been involved with SEWA for the last 5 years. Working at the local chapter level, she was the Youth Ambassador for the T&H project at the Phoenix chapter. There, she led the chapter's youth in fundraising money and raising awareness through various events and community outreach. As a proud feminist and social justice warrior, Shefali now eagerly leads the youth across the various SEWA chapters across the US. Shefali is a passionate social entrepreneur and really believes in using the power of scaling and marketing to make a difference in the world. Other than championing menstrual equity, she works on refugee empowerment projects and works to end domestic and sexual violence.